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Free Books for Every Reader: Download Classics, Textbooks, Audiobooks, and More

A huge quantity of books previously unavailable to the public was released starting in 2019 thanks to the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act of 1998. Because of an amendment to that act, works published between 1923 and 1977 can enter the public domain 95 years after their creation. Many of the sites listed below give access to the tens of thousands of books (plus movies, songs, and cartoons) available under this act. Downloads should be free and without retribution under U.S. copyright law.

download books for free

No fee or registration! Everything from Project Gutenberg is gratis, libre, and completely without cost to readers. If you find Project Gutenberg useful, please consider a small donation to help Project Gutenberg digitize more books, maintain its online presence, and improve Project Gutenberg programs and offerings. Other ways to help include digitizing, proofreading and formatting, or reporting errors.

No special apps needed! Project Gutenberg eBooks require no special apps to read, just the regular Web browsers or eBook readers that are included with computers and mobile devices. There have been reports of sites that charge fees for custom apps, or for the same eBooks that are freely available from Project Gutenberg. Some of the apps might have worthwhile features, but none are required to enjoy Project Gutenberg eBooks.

Project Gutenberg eBooks may be freely used in the United States because most are not protected by U.S. copyright law. They may not be free of copyright in other countries. Readers outside of the United States must check the copyright terms of their countries before accessing, downloading or redistributing eBooks. We also have a number of copyrighted titles, for which the copyright holder has given permission for unlimited non-commercial worldwide use.

In the free section of the Google eBookstore, you'll find a ton of free books from a variety of genres. Look here for bestsellers, favorite classics, and more, including titles from Ayn Rand(opens in a new tab) and Franz Kafka(opens in a new tab). Books are available in several formats, and you can also check out ratings and reviews from other users.

With a collection of more than 45,000 free e-books, Project Gutenberg is a volunteer effort to create and share e-books online. The selection includes(opens in a new tab) everything from Pride and Prejudice(opens in a new tab) by Jane Austen(opens in a new tab) to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland(opens in a new tab) by Lewis Carroll(opens in a new tab) to Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley(opens in a new tab). No registration or fee is required, and books are available in ePub, Kindle, HTML, and simple text formats.

The Open Library has more than one million free e-books available. This library catalog is an open online project of Internet Archive, and allows users to contribute books, which allows for its fascinating selection of everything from Ronald Dahl(opens in a new tab) to John Grisham(opens in a new tab). You can easily search by the title, author, and subject.

If you're looking for out-of-print books in different languages and formats, check out this non-profit digital library. The Internet Archive is a great go-to if you want access to historical and academic books, like an electrical engineer's pocketbook from 1918(opens in a new tab) and cookbooks(opens in a new tab) from(opens in a new tab) across(opens in a new tab) the world(opens in a new tab).

Searching for a particular educational textbook or business book? BookBoon may have what you're looking for, from Advanced Communication Skills(opens in a new tab) to An Introduction to Business and Business Planning(opens in a new tab). The site offers more than 1,000 free e-books, it's easy to navigate and best of all, you don't have to register to download them.

With more than 29,000 free e-books at your fingertips, you're bound to find one that interests you here. You have the option to browse by most popular titles, recent reviews, authors, titles, genres, languages, and more to find books written by Agatha Christie(opens in a new tab) and Tamara Grantham(opens in a new tab). These books are compatible for Kindles, iPads and most e-readers.

How to download books for free legally

Best sites to download books for free in 2023

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Download books for free from Google Play Books

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Download books for free from ManyBooks

Download books for free from Smashwords

Download books for free from LibriVox

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From romance to mystery to education, this website is a good source for all sorts of free e-books. When you're making a selection, you can go through reviews and ratings for each book. If you're looking for a site wide variety of books in various categories, one that can serve you The Real Law Of Attraction Code(opens in a new tab), Blockchain Secrets(opens in a new tab), and Poetry in Spoken Word(opens in a new tab) in the same breath, check out this site.

Want to listen to books instead? LibriVox is home to thousands of free audiobooks, including classics, out-of-print books, and historical texts, like all of the State of the Union Addresses by United States Presidents(opens in a new tab).

Thanks to public domain(opens in a new tab), you can access PDF versions of all the classics you've always wanted to read in PDF Books World's enormous digital library, from The Great Gatsby (opens in a new tab)by Francis Scott Fitzgerald(opens in a new tab) and The Call Of The Wild(opens in a new tab) by Jack London(opens in a new tab). Literature, plays, poetry, and non-fiction texts are all available for you to download at your leisure.

If you're having a hard time finding a good children's book amidst the many free classics available online, you might want to check out the International Digital Children's Library. Here, you can find award-winning books that range in length and reading levels, from Aesop's fables to Tales of passed times by Mother Goose, with morals. There's also a wide selection of languages available, with everything from English to Farsi.

You can get some downloadable e-books through your local library, or an online library like Libby(opens in a new tab), which requires that you have an actual library card to sign up. The drawbacks are clear: Libraries have a specific number of copies to lend, and if all copies are already checked out, you'll have to wait your turn. And, like all other books you borrow from the library, you can't hold onto the e-book forever. But if you want a recently released book, this could be your best bet.

For those in the IT field or are just starting out, OnlineProgrammingBooks compiles online books related to programming, computer science, software engineering, web design, mobile app development, networking, databases, information technology, AI, graphics and computer hardware already provided by publishers or authors on their websites legally.

On KnowFree, you can find quality resources related to professional and technical research, white papers, case studies, magazines, and e-books. This makes it perfect for working professionals, as resources are divided by the field they belong to, such as Human Resources or Management.

Reading is a valuable pastime that can enrich and inspire individuals both personally and professionally. However, the cost of purchasing books can quickly add up, becoming a significant barrier over time. Fortunately, the internet provides a wealth of resources, including free PDFs and ebooks. With just a few clicks, anyone can access extensive libraries of books like virtual bookshelf, spanning a wide range of genres and topics.

In this post, we have compiled a list of the top 10 websites that offer free, high-quality PDF book downloads, providing readers with the opportunity to expand their knowledge and enjoy reading without financial constraints.

Project Gutenberg is a digital library that provides free access to over 60,000 ebooks, primarily literature, that are in the public domain. Founded in 1971 by Michael S. Hart, it is one of the oldest and largest collections of free ebooks on the web, offering works in multiple formats such as EPUB, Kindle, HTML, and plain text. The ebooks are carefully proofread and formatted to ensure a high-quality reading experience.

Open Library is a digital library and online catalog that provides access to millions of free e-books and other digital resources. Operated by the Internet Archive, Open Library aims to make knowledge accessible to everyone, regardless of geographic or economic barriers. Users can search for and borrow ebooks, as well as contribute their own content to the collection. With a focus on public domain works and open-access resources, Open Library is a valuable tool for anyone looking to expand their reading options and access a wide variety of digital content.

Google Books also offers features like personalized recommendations and the ability to create and save bookshelves. With a vast and growing collection of materials, Google Books is a valuable resource for researchers, students, and anyone looking to expand their knowledge and reading options.

ManyBooks is a digital library that provides access to thousands of free e-books across multiple genres. Founded in 2004, ManyBooks offers a wide variety of classic literature, contemporary works, and public domain titles that can be downloaded in various formats, including PDF, EPUB, and Kindle. is a digital library that hosts an extensive collection of e-books across a wide range of genres. The website boasts a vast selection of books, including both classic and contemporary literature, self-help books, and many more categories.

With a user-friendly interface and a focus on quality content, Bookboon is an excellent resource for students and professionals seeking to expand their knowledge and skills. The platform also offers premium content for purchase, but its extensive selection of free textbooks makes it a popular choice for budget-conscious learners.

PDFBooksWorld is a website that provides access to a vast collection of free eBooks in PDF format. It offers books in various genres, including fiction, non-fiction, academic, and technical books. The site is known for its easy-to-use interface and well-organized categories, making it easy for users to find their desired books.


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