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Michael Gonzales

[S2E4] Big Angry Virgin From Outer Space

Later, Jon, Davos and Missandei are chatting on the causeway when they spot Theon and the surviving ironborn coming ashore. Theon is surprised to see Jon but immediately asks if Sansa is alright. A visibly angry Jon roughly grabs Theon and tells him that the only thing stopping him from killing him is what he did for Sansa. Theon then reveals that he has returned to ask Daenerys for help rescuing Yara, but Jon tells him that Daenerys is gone.

[S2E4] Big Angry Virgin from Outer Space

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In November of 1983, Nancy commented on Mike pouring maple syrup on his scrambled eggs, commenting that it was disgusting. In retaliation, Mike called her disgusting and poured syrup on her eggs while smirking, causing Nancy to curse at him. This caused Nancy to be scolded by Ted for swearing, much to Nancy's frustration. That night, after Karen forbade Nancy or Mike from leaving the house after dark, Nancy belittled this rule because "Mike's friend" got lost on his way home. Mike grew angry at her insinuation that it was Will's fault he was missing, and Karen told her to take her statement back. When Nancy refused, Mike retaliated by revealing that Nancy was "pissed off" because she couldn't meet with Steve Harrington, causing Nancy to glare at him. When their parents asked who Steve was, Mike stated that he was her new boyfriend, causing Nancy to call him a douchebag. She stormed off to her room as Mike smirked. The next morning at breakfast, Nancy told Mike to slow down with his breakfast and called him disgusting once again. Mike sarcastically asked if she did a lot of studying last night. When Nancy said she did, Mike asked if her subject was "human anatomy", since he spotted Steve sneaking into Nancy's window the night prior. Realizing what he meant, Nancy and Mike began to kick each other underneath the table, until Karen asked what was going on, and the siblings simply said it was nothing. That night, when Nancy lied to her mother and said she and Barb were going to a candlelight vigil for Will at Hawkins High, Karen suggested taking Mike and his friends. Nancy herself was confused when the boys immediately said no. When Nancy discovered that her home was being raided by government agents, she attempted to run to them, but was stopped by Hopper, who told her that the last thing her parents needed was to discover she was involved in what was going on. Nancy protested by saying Mike was over there, but Hopper pointed to a helicopter and said that they haven't found him yet. Inside Hopper's car, he and Joyce pressed Nancy on where Mike would be, and Nancy admitted that haven't been communicating for a while. That night, upon Hopper returning to the Byers' home with Mike and his friends, Nancy ran out and hugged Mike, saying she was worried about him. Mike, confused, said that he was too. When making a sensory deprivation tank at Hawkins Middle, Mike was impressed when Nancy broke the lock to the school shed to get supplies. While carting them back inside, Nancy asked Mike what Eleven had been eating while she hid in their basement. Nancy admitted that she thought Mike was acting weird because of Will's disappearance, while Mike admitted that he thought Nancy was acting weird because of her relationship with Steve. Nancy put down the wheelbarrow and made her and Mike promise to not hide secrets anymore. But Nancy immediately lied when Mike asked her if she liked Jonathan romantically, and Mike lied immediately when Nancy asked him if he liked Eleven romantically.

In 1985, Nancy and Jonathan are shown to have become an official couple, sleeping together at Jonathan's house one day. The two also work together at the Hawkins Post. Whenever Nancy was abused and humiliated by the male employees, she was always comforted by Jonathan. When Nancy picked up a story from Doris Driscoll, she grabbed Jonathan along to investigate and present the story to the Post. However, after the story was rejected which left Nancy cruelly insulted, she ignored Jonathan's attempts to comfort her. Nancy eventually decided to get more evidence of the story and convinced a reluctant Jonathan to come with her where they discovered Mrs. Driscoll consuming fertilizer. This lead to them getting fired from the Post and straining their relationship, with Jonathan angry over losing his means to support his family and Nancy accusing Jonathan of being like her abusers. Nevertheless, Nancy later revealed to her mom that she felt guilty for causing Jonathan to lose his job as she wasn't thinking about him, but only herself. When Nancy discovered that the Mind Flayer returned due to possessing Mrs. Driscoll, Nancy immediately called Jonathan, informed him of the predicament, and rushed to work with the kids on stopping the Mind Flayer. Later, while going to get Mrs. Driscoll at the Hawkins Memorial Hospital so she can lead them to the Mind Flayer's hideout, Nancy reconciled with Jonathan. When they were attacked by a Flayed Tom and Bruce, Nancy and Jonathan did their best to protect each other. After Nancy was saved from the hospital monster, Nancy was checked upon by a relieved Jonathan. Once the Mind Flayer's plot was unraveled, Nancy and Jonathan worked together in protecting the children from the Mind Flayer's avatar until its defeat. Three months later, Nancy sadly said goodbye to Jonathan, sharing a kiss and embrace with him before he left Hawkins with his family. 041b061a72


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