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GTA 3: The Game That Started It All - Download Here

How to Download GTA 3 on Your PC

If you are a fan of open-world action-adventure games, you have probably heard of Grand Theft Auto III, or GTA 3 for short. This game is one of the most influential and popular titles in the history of gaming, and it is still enjoyable to play even after 20 years since its release. In this article, we will show you how to download GTA 3 on your PC, and why you should do it.

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What is GTA 3 and why should you play it?

A brief introduction to the game and its features

GTA 3 is the third main entry in the Grand Theft Auto series, developed by Rockstar Games and released in 2001. It is set in a fictional city called Liberty City, which is loosely based on New York City. You play as Claude, a silent protagonist who gets betrayed by his girlfriend and left for dead during a bank heist. You then embark on a journey of revenge, crime, and chaos, working for various gangs and factions in the city.

GTA 3 is widely regarded as a landmark game that revolutionized the open-world genre. It was the first game in the series to use a 3D engine, allowing for a more immersive and realistic gameplay experience. You can explore the city on foot or by using various vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, boats, helicopters, and even tanks. You can also interact with the environment and the NPCs, who react to your actions and have their own schedules and behaviors. You can also use a variety of weapons, ranging from pistols and shotguns to rocket launchers and flamethrowers.

GTA 3 also features a darkly comic storyline, with memorable characters, dialogues, and missions. You can follow the main story or do side missions and activities, such as taxi driving, ambulance service, vigilante missions, rampages, hidden packages, stunt jumps, and more. The game also has a stunning soundtrack, featuring licensed music from various genres and radio stations that comment on the events in the game world.

The benefits of playing GTA 3 on PC

While GTA 3 was originally released for the PlayStation 2 console, it was later ported to other platforms, including PC. Playing GTA 3 on PC has several advantages over playing it on consoles. For example:

  • You can enjoy better graphics and performance, thanks to higher resolutions, frame rates, draw distances, textures, lighting effects, and more.

  • You can customize your controls and settings according to your preferences.

  • You can use mods and enhancements that add new features, content, improvements, fixes, and more to the game.

  • You can use cheat codes and secrets that unlock various abilities, items, vehicles, effects, and more in the game.

  • You can access online communities and resources that offer guides, tips, tricks, reviews, discussions, support, and more for the game.

Where can you download GTA 3 for PC?

The official Rockstar Games website

The easiest and safest way to download GTA 3 for PC is from the official Rockstar Games website. This is where you can buy the game legally and get access to the latest updates and patches. You will also need to download the Rockstar Games Launcher, which is a digital distribution platform that lets you manage your Rockstar Games library. To download GTA 3 from the Rock star Games website, follow these steps:

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  • Go to the GTA 3 page and click on the "Buy Now" button.

  • Select your preferred edition and payment method and complete the purchase.

  • Download and install the Rockstar Games Launcher and sign in with your Rockstar Games Social Club account.

  • Go to your library and find GTA 3. Click on the "Download" button and wait for the game to be downloaded and installed.

  • Launch the game from the Rockstar Games Launcher and enjoy!

The Steam platform

Another popular option to download GTA 3 for PC is from the Steam platform. This is a digital distribution service that offers a large collection of games, including GTA 3. You will also need to download the Steam client, which is a software that lets you access and manage your Steam games. To download GTA 3 from Steam, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Steam website and download and install the Steam client.

  • Create a Steam account or sign in with your existing one.

  • Go to the GTA 3 page and click on the "Add to Cart" button.

  • Proceed to checkout and complete the purchase.

  • Go to your library and find GTA 3. Click on the "Install" button and wait for the game to be downloaded and installed.

  • Launch the game from Steam and enjoy!

The website

A third option to download GTA 3 for PC is from the website. This is a non-profit digital library that preserves various forms of media, including games. You can find a free copy of GTA 3 on this website, but you will also need to download a software called WinCDEmu, which is a tool that lets you mount ISO files as virtual CD/DVD drives. To download GTA 3 from, follow these steps:

  • Go to the GTA 3 page and click on the "Download Options" button.

  • Select the "ISO IMAGE" option and download the file.

  • Download and install WinCDEmu and run it.

  • Right-click on the ISO file and select "Select drive letter & mount". Choose a drive letter and click "OK".

  • Open the virtual drive and run the setup.exe file. Follow the instructions to install the game.

  • Eject the virtual drive and run the game from your desktop or start menu.

How to install and run GTA 3 on your PC?

The system requirements for GTA 3

Before you install and run GTA 3 on your PC, you should make sure that your system meets the minimum or recommended requirements for the game. Here are the system requirements for GTA 3 according to Rockstar Games:

Minimum RequirementsRecommended Requirements

OS: Microsoft Windows 2000/XPOS: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

CPU: Pentium III 450 MHz CPUCPU: Pentium IV or AMD Athlon XP processor


GPU: 16 MB Direct3D Video CardGPU: 64 MB Direct3D Video Card

HDD: 500 MB free hard disk spaceHDD: 1 GB free hard disk space

SOUND: Fully DirectX compatible Sound CardSOUND: Fully DirectX compatible Sound Card

OTHER: Keyboard & MouseOTHER: Keyboard & Mouse, Gamepad (optional)

If your system does not meet these requirements, you may experience problems such as low performance, crashes, glitches, or errors. You may also need to update your drivers, DirectX, or other software components to ensure compatibility with the game.

The installation process for different sources

The installation process for GTA 3 may vary depending on where you downloaded it from. However, in general, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Run the setup file or the launcher that you downloaded from your source.

  • Choose a destination folder for the game files and click "Next".

  • Follow the instructions on the screen and agree to the terms and conditions.

  • Wait for the game files to be copied and installed on your PC.

  • Create a shortcut for the game on your desktop or start menu.

Once the installation is complete, you can run the game by double-clicking on the shortcut or the launcher. You may need to activate the game online or enter a serial key if you bought it from an official source. You may also need to adjust your settings and options according to your preferences.

The cheat codes and secrets for GTA 3

One of the fun aspects of playing GTA 3 on PC is that you can use cheat codes and secrets that enhance your gameplay experience. Cheat codes are special commands that you can enter during the game to activate various effects, such as changing the weather, spawning vehicles, increasing your health, giving you weapons, and more. Secrets are hidden features or easter eggs that you can discover in the game world, such as references, jokes, glitches, and more.

To use cheat codes in GTA 3, you need to type them in using your keyboard while playing the game. You don't need to pause the game or open a console window. You just need to type them quickly and correctly. Some cheat codes may have side effects, such as disabling achievements or affecting your gameplay.


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