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Gas Station Simulator (v2.0) PC

In this game you, get this, rob a gas station. In fact, it's a step by step tutorial on robbing a gas station. Since this game is about 5 minutes 2 minutes long, there are multiple endings. So if you care, you can do all the endings. There are a total of 22 endings. (Hint: One of the endings is triggered by a bug in the exterior of the gas station)

Gas Station Simulator (v2.0) PC


It was fun.I got 21 endings and I'm struggling to find the last one.So far I got (SPOILERS):1. The True Ending: went back to sleep immediately.2. Flew up outside the gas station.3. Abused the clerk without buying anything (Poor Ending)4. Left without talking to the clerk.5. Blew up the gas station.6. Walked away from the gas station.7. Followed the instructions and robbed the gas station. (Good Ending)8. Shot the clerk and didn't go outside.9. Spared the rats, shot the clerk, went outside and the rats saved me.10. Shot the rats, shot the clerk, went outside, got arrested. (Bad Ending)11. Shot the microwave, got the processor, used it with the gasoline pump, shot the clerk, the police and became the president of the universe.12. Got to the Mario level, saved the princess.13. Shot the princess.14. Fell off the Mario level.15. Flew up the Mario level.16. Shot the rats, killed by the Rat King.17. Spared the rats, rewarded by the Rat King.18. Shot every rat and the Rat King. Became the Rat King.19. Shot my ex, I was saved by the rats, became president of the universe and got arrested, but these are the same endings.20. Went to sleep after I met my ex at the gas station.21. Went back to the gas station, shot the clerk, spared the ex and talked to her.I'm so close if there are indeed 22 endings. What did I miss? Can anyone help me with that, please?Edit: found the 21st ending.

Omg the new update is amazing. I've found 9 of the 12 new endings so far. I also found a glitch. If you go to your ex, for the rest of the session whenever you leave the gas station the step always goes to cope and seeth and the ex will be at the gas station even if you do did not activate her earlier in the run.

Gas Station Simulator may be a decent example of that sort of game. Largely, it is what it says on the box; you run a gas station. However, it has inventive ways to make it more than sheer drudgery.

You start off with a derelict property that is barely worth saving. With a little elbow grease, you get the gas station functional again and ready to sling out petrol and snacks. The overall goal of the game is to upgrade your gas station to the fifth level and pay back some nebulous loan to your shady uncle.

As you might expect, Gas Station Simulator is all about renovating, expanding and running a gas station, and you do this along a highway in the middle of a desert. There's plenty to get involved with, such as keeping track of stock, hiring employees, diving into deep management features and customising your gas station, as well as serving customers.

@SplooshDmg quick question, are all the "simulator" games done by the same team? Like farming simulator, thief simulator, job simulator etc as I've always wondered why all those are on playstation but flight simulator isn't. And in comparison how flight simulator seems to be on another level compared to the other simulator games

Anyways, there are some companies that only make simulator games. Giant Software only makes sim games, although they only done two games that are not Farming Simulator XX. There are others that just delve in it. And then there are tons of indies jumping in on the bandwagon.

When you begin the game you are given frequent and very useful tutorials which walk you through the many mechanics that you will soon become accustomed to. Your main objective, to begin with, is to give your venue a thoroughly good clean. I never thought I would say this in a review but the most fun I had in this game was probably grabbing a bin bag and collecting rubbish in it. Then throwing said rubbish bags and other trash in a skip and calling the bin man to come to collect it all. If you love cleaning things Gas Station Simulator most certainly comes highly recommended. Once you find your footing the overall goal is to upgrade your station to the maximum level but, to do that, you need to start making some money.

When you build a bus station you will sometimes be bombarded with a party bus where a bunch of dancing folk in dinosaur and alien masks come for a massive shopping spree requiring you to serve several of them at once at the tills. Unless you get your employee to do it which I totally did. This really is not your typical game at the gas pumps.

Being a simulator style game this is kinda just your typical Unreal Engine with the semi-realistic look to characters, vehicles and the environment. The game does not go out of its way to create a unique art style to make it stand out. But that might be enough for most gamers.

This is a simulator game with a few rough edges. I encountered a few glitches during my time trying to create the ultimate gas station. One of the more humorous ones was when a delivery truck got stuck on a door while leaving the warehouse. It then started to shake before catapulting into the air and then landing upside down. It provided a comical moment for sure.

In a time in which many are feeling the strain of rising petrol prices, the chance to run a virtual station of your own may not be the stuff of your dreams. But what if we told you that you also get to micromanage your finances as you attempt to keep the station open? Now we've got you, right?

Well there it is. All of my "Work a real job and have more fun than you do at your actual job" simulators now live on the Switch. I should just retire so I can pretend to renovate houses, clean things with power washers, build PCs and run a gas station.

@GrailUK If you think about it, some of us, or rather - this generation spends so much time behind the screen, it's almost as if these simulators are a reminder of what we should be doing in the real world. Except nothing gets done.

Does this game allow my character to carry gun in the shop in case if I get robbed? I once work at a gas station and was robbed at gun point twice in the same year. Both times I manage to bust open the robbers.

Should you fail, a car alarm will go off, but there are no consequences. You can even pick police cars and those waiting to refuel. The side objective has no real benefit, but each successful pick will give a bit of money, but occasionally decorations you can place in your station, such as a full-sized stuffed bear. Who keeps that in their trunk?

You start the game off, inheriting a run-down gas station from your uncle, located on some messy plot of land in the desert. To get things going, you had to take out a loan from your shady, mob-boss-like uncle that he will expect to be paid for later. The game kicks into gear by getting you to renovate the main building and start fueling up cars. The end game here is to upgrade your gas station and have a profitable business, but you got to start somewhere.

Aside from showcasing the latest triple-A heavyweights to grace the world of video games, the Steam store is also no stranger to the occasional out-of-the-blue indie success story. The store's latest surprise hit comes in the form of Gas Station Simulator, a game that does exactly what the title suggests: run a gas station.

In Gas Station Simulator, players find themselves at the forefront of a brand new business opportunity. After purchasing their very own abandoned gas station - The Dust Bowl - budding entrepreneurs are then tasked with restoring it to its former glory. Throughout the game, players will need to expand upon their station's services as they attempt to keep up with the pace of its customers' demands.

Gas Station Simulator incorporates all the best elements from your multiple memorable times at gas stations. From refuelling cars at the pump to tending to customers at the checkout, and even changing tires in the workshop, the game looks to draw upon the best tasks of station life.

In an attempt to keep players grounded, the game does more than just show off the wild side of running your own gas station. Taking out the trash and sweeping the station's shop floor are a couple of the day-to-day jobs players will need to master in order to maintain high standards at their business. That being said, if work-life balance is a concern for prospective new company owners, the game also has a basketball hoop that you can visit and attempt to earn high scores on.

According to SteamDB, Gas Station Simulator has reached a peak of 5619 concurrent players since its launch yesterday (September 15). With over 4,000 players currently playing Gas Station Simulator at the time of writing, that's a lot of floors swept, tanks refuelled and tires changed. Players looking to try their hand in the car refuelling business can pick up a copy of Gas Station Simulator on its Steam store page where the game is currently listed with 10% off until September 22. If you prefer your simulators a little more exciting, then check out Flight Simulator's upcoming Top Gun DLC.

When your just starting out with hiring employees your only able to hire employee's with level 1 -2 starting skill points until your gas station is level 4 then you pretty much open the rest of them, as deciding which ones you want to go for its up to you. The only difference between the skill levels is just how much time it takes for them to get to max level (10) keep in mind most employees don't like doing certain task's and you will find that as time goes on. Employees also level their skill's based on the tasks they perform and become better at them with time.

A sliver of rocky ground north of the castle has been developed into a small residential district, sandwiched between the water treatment facility (west) and comms tower, and gas station (east). Main roads surround the collection of modest wooden dwellings, all with some interior access. Some structures have two floors, while others are single-level. Southeast is a circular restroom building and a bus stop en route to Shipwreck and Port Ashika. This area of Ashika Island is defined by a thin layer of fog, which reduces long-range visibility and sight lines in specific situations. While it will not affect fast-paced, close-quarters combat situations, snipers should plan accordingly. 041b061a72


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