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[S4E1] The Mile Dry Club

From Escalante, turn onto Hole-in-the-Rock Road and reset your odometer. Drive 7.8 miles down Hole-in-the-Rock Road to the third cattleguard. The car park will be on the right hand side of the road just past the third cattleguard.

[S4E1] The Mile Dry Club

Ben: Importantly, now, Webvan did have this last mile component as the initial founding wedge. Whereas Amazon, they're like, yeah, we'll get to do it. It might take two weeks. Of course, then they get to Prime, they get to Prime now, now they're trying to do one-day Prime, and all sorts of things can happen the same day if you're spoiled like me and live in Seattle. Webvan had that from the start, and it was equally ambitious.

If you look at Zynga, for example, everything was changing so fast around them and the business was such a high-growth business that even if you could have bought Zynga at a cheap price relative to fundamentals, there's still a lot of risk in the business just because of how fast everything is moving around that you don't have a lot of margin of safety similar to the way that if you are driving at 400 miles per hour. Even if you feel like you're a pretty good distance from the car in front of you, you don't have a lot of time to react even if you're the best driver in the world if there's some extenuating circumstance that happens.

When Hollywood.TV ran into Charlie Hunnam at Vienna Café back in 2010, he had the chance to explain some things that people might not have known before the short 1-minute and 25-second video interview. He revealed that it was a lot of fun portraying an outlaw motorcycle club member in Northern California, and also said that the show, Rekindled my passion for motorcycles.

During childhood, Atsumu is shown to have dark brown hair. Sometime after middle school, Atsumu dyed his hair blond and has a dark undercut. Unlike his twin brother, Osamu, his hair is flipped to the right side. His eyebrows are dark brown, an indication of his original hair color. His brown eyes are large, hooded, and slightly drooping. He can usually be seen wearing a smile or smirk on his face.

Outwardly, Atsumu appears to be a carefree, confident person who's usually seen with a lazy smile on his face, though he enjoys provoking people and giving offhand compliments. He can be quite condescending, and somewhat selfish at times. Osamu has described him as someone who doesn't listen to others, doesn't return what he borrows, and lies habitually.

Atsumu and his team, Inarizaki, faces off against Karasuno on Day 2 of the Spring Tournament. In addition to his team being the second seed, Atsumu is revealed to have a twin brother, Osamu, who plays opposite. While the two teams warm up in the sub-arena, Atsumu approaches Kageyama to tell him to give it his all since he hates playing against players who suck, indirectly referring to Hinata. When Kageyama assures him that Hinata is no pushover and will be a handful, Atsumu breaks into an intimidating smile but stops any further taunts.

Atsumu is the current best high school setter in Japan. His tosses are said to be very easy to hit, never wavering and never off, thus creating the illusion that the spikers have improved. Atsumu is always ready to go the extra mile to give his spikers the best toss possible even in difficult positions whereby an underarm toss is the norm. Like Kageyama and Hinata, he is capable of perfectly coordinating with his twin brother Osamu in pulling off the God-Like Quick. However, his toss is not as accurate as Kageyama's version due to executing the attack without prior practice. In addition to being a skilled setter, he also won the Best Server award at both the middle school meet and the Interhigh. He is also a capable spiker when doing the Minus-Tempo Quick Reverse with Osamu. He also is proficient at receiving and digging.

"Whether you're in Moscow, Tehran, or Miami, club girls are a good source of information. Men say things to a beautiful woman. They give out phone numbers, hotel keys. They let down their guard. Getting information from a club girl means buying drinks. It's non-problem with an operational slush fund. It's a big problem if you're spending cash scrounged from your mom's purse."

"For most people, a night out at Miami clubs is a chance to see and be seen. When you're under government surveillance, it's a different story. You still wanna know who's watching you, but the reasons are a little different. Sprinkle a mixture of flour and day-glo powder on your floor before you go out, and you'll know whether you've had any visitors and what they were after. You don't always have to get that clever though, sometimes they want you to know what they're up to." 041b061a72


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