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Rookie Blue REPACK

Set in Toronto, the series follows the lives of five rookie police officers from fictional 15 Division who have just graduated from the academy. The officers must learn to deal with not only their duties as police officers, but also the problems and expectations of family, friends, and romantic attachments at the office. They are first responders who are about to learn that no amount of training prepares you for life.[citation needed]

Rookie Blue

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Among the more negative reviewers was Rob Owen of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Owen calls the show "Grey's Anatomy in a police station." He did however hope to see some interaction between religion and police through one of the characters but stated "Given the generally bland nature of Rookie Blue, that's probably too much to ask."[45] Paige Wiser from the Chicago Sun-Times describes the show as overly generic and claims that the rookies look more like puppies than police officers. She said "if you're looking for a new cop drama to serve and protect your entertainment interests, leave the rookies alone to ripen, and go for a ride-along with Jason Lee's Dwight."[46] Randee Dawn from The Hollywood Reporter was much harsher, calling the writing lazy and describing the motivation of the rookies as selfish, saying that they are there to make themselves feel good and not to protect the city. Dawn said "at its core, Rookie is a terrible show."[47] Alex Strachan of Montreal's The Gazette was unimpressed, stating that "The acting is uneven, the writing and directing aren't particularly stylish or inspired, and you've seen it countless times before." Strachan went on to say that Rookie Blue is "a harmless enough diversion on an otherwise lazy summer TV night."[48]

ROOKIE BLUE follows the lives of police officers beginning their careers with Toronto's 15th Division. In the first season, the novice cops include Officer Andy McNally (Missy Peregrym), Officer Gail Peck (Charlotte Sullivan), Officer Dov Epstein (Gregory Smith), Traci Nash (Enuka Okuma), and Chris Diaz (Travis Milne), who eventually graduate from "rookie" status and become more experienced partners. Throughout it all, the officers must also find a way to negotiate their personal lives and relationships while dealing with the pressure of being on the force.

Not so pleasing are the romantic hookups and other stereotypical cop show-isms that the creators toss in as audience teasers. Some of these boys and girls in blue are sneaking around for in-the-closet lip-locks and gropes. Most are cohabiting with someone or other, and at least one has had dalliances with a woman married to his superior. Thus, we sometimes see a little too much of these service-minded men and women without their uniforms on.

I don't say this to warn you off - indeed, it may be just the hook that snares you - only to tell you where we are. We are with pretty young people (two male, three female, as per "Grey's") starting a new job they have studied for and dreamed about. They are eager to get started, to get into the thick of it; but not everybody gets to work in the operating room - drive around in patrol cars, I mean. Yet they also serve who only work the desk and argue over whether the boy rookie or the girl rookie should be the one to frisk a transsexual suspect.

More problematic than the dyspeptic veterans may be the hot young detectives, who are to the rookies of "Rookie Blue" as the doctors are to the interns of "Grey's Anatomy." They all hang around in the same bar at the end of the day. Moody pop songs follow them on the soundtrack. 041b061a72


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